9:39 AM Wednesday, November 09, 2005

You know how girls, esply if they're expecting nookie, would make sure they coordinate their undies (like both color black, or coordinates talaga)?

I've never been one of them.

Weirdly enough, I coordinate the color of my undies depending on what color my top/skirt/pants is. Sure, i'd sometimes be wearing black panties and brassiere... but mostly my panties and bra don't match. And because I wear thongs to avoid panty lines and not to make myself feel sexy, I usually wear cotton boyleg undies with jeans.

And banking on the truth that guys don't really care if your undies match (though yes, it's nicer to look at if they match), my undies seldom match even when I am expecting to get laid.

Good thing though that most of my undies have shades of pink, or are red, or black.

But yet another reason for the mismatch is my slightly bigger nips than the average Jane's. That, coupled with the fact that I don't care for heavily padded bras and scared of Nipless, means that I spend a lot of time matching bra with the top I want to wear.

So even if I intended to wear matching undies... i'd sometimes end with a red bra even if I had black panties on, just so I can wear the top I want.

So yes, there'd be discarded outfits and bras on my bed before I am thru dressing up.


maybe i fell in love by chance? my mind tells me dat i dont have a chance, my heart tells me dat its never felt dis way b4 and dat it wont get another chance

- text message from someone, 08 Oct 2000

Mind you, nothing happened between us. But I was sooo kilig with this text. And I liked this guy very much. One of those i'd always hold dear in my heart because in a way, everything was perfect with us. Maybe because nothing happened and we didn't reach a point where we'd have to really hurt each other.

He's sweet and intelligent and nice-looking and charming and attentive and thoughtful. Gave me white chocolate the first time we met.

He was also a lot younger than I was... 19 years old when I just turned 23.

Last I heard, he's happy as a lark with his girlfriend.

(and yes Ayma, you know him)


(author unknown)

i climbed the door and opened the stairs
said my pyjamas and put on my prayers
i turned off the bed and crawled into light
all because you kissed me goodnight

next morning i woke, scrambled the shoes and polished the eggs
toasted the news ansd read the bread
i couldn't tell my left from right
all because you kissed me goodnight

that evening at last i'm my normal self again
so i picked my mom and called the phone
spoke to my puppy and threw dad a bone
even at midnight the sun is still shining bright
all because you kissed me goodnight.

can't remember when i was this kilig... buckling knees and all... o high school days and college days, and every windang phase since...


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