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8:35 AM Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Last week saw me getting a pedicure, and then my hair relaxed.

I also got my first body scrub.

It was kinky and sensual and a trifle painful, kaloka!

First, there was the shower. Then came time in a steam bath where I was given runny honey to lather onto my body.

Who knew honey all over could prove soooo titillating? I didn't want my time there to end! I was so enjoying just touching myself all over (and no, not in a masturbating kind of way), tasting some of the honey in my mouth, feeling cleansed and rejuvenated and sinful.

(commercial: honey on your privates isn't encouraged because the sugar will just invite bacteria)

Then came the sea salt body scrub. OUCH. I was sore in places and wondered if I could ever do it again. I was also feeling self-conscious because I was naked and the attendant scrubbed even my singit.

When she was around my chest area, I was even covering my nipples! Bwahahaha... but I let go when the attendant started scrubbing my neck because I was ticklish!

And dang cold too!

Weirdly enough, I felt like this freshly-scrubbed little girl after.

Is my skin softer? No one could say, because it's always been softer than theirs.



Got dry massage too, day after that!


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