4:48 PM Thursday, June 05, 2008

Craving Chicken Joy... so I gave in to yet another impulsive buy/binge and had the spaghetti/chicken joy meal from Jollibee.

It now costs P90. Sigh. I remember a time when P40.00 can get you a meal in Jollibee. That time is no more.

Jeepney fares are already P8. I think I can still remember a time when it was only P1.50. And softdrinks also cost that much (Coke 500ml used to cost P7, I think). And movies only cost P21.

Weirdly enough, community tax certificates (cedulas) still only cost P5.00 if you're not earning.

Still... this gave me pause. And another reason why I should quit my Starbucks addiction from last May. It is just soooo stupid to have spent thousands on a choco chip drink. I might as well just eat up the choco chips we still have from Baguio.


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