SM Advantage Sale

11:08 PM Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It was the closest to a stampede i'd seen in years.

Imagine people with grocery carts and baskets all rushing forward to grab groceries. And in the pandemonium, people ultimately got confused. Nobody was heeding the grocery clerk announcing that SM Advantage members are only entitled to FIVE Buy 1, Take 1 items and TEN Value Bags. So what happened was, people were grabbing the value bags in twos, thinking they were the Buy 1, Take 1 stuff.

And since Gardenia White Bread was Buy 1, Take 1, there were carts filled with them... and I couldn't help but wonder if those families really eat that much bread. I mean, they expire within five days or so.

And when Baygon products were brought out, also Buy 1, Take 1 items... you'd suddenly think that there is a mosquito plague in Manila.

We got Post cereal, sugar, soy sauce, Baygon spray and sausages in Buy 1, Take 1. We got baby bath, CDO burger patties, dishwashing liquid and some chips in Value Bags. But we practised much self-control and wisdom already. Trust me, it isn't easy not to be swept by the mob into a panic buying frenzy. It's really a great marketing idea to get people buying, and enrolling in the SM Advantage Rewards Program.

I mean I saw a lot of people buying colas! For sure, everybody went over budget. Even chicken was Buy 1, Take 1!

This happened just tonight at SM Manila. And I think there's another similar sale on the 24th, Manila Day.

I didn't take pictures anymore because I was literally dodging carts! Some even tried shopping off our carts! Imagine!


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