when friends fall out...

6:25 PM Monday, June 23, 2008

... and going back again and again on everything that happened only makes you realize how it's an exercise in futility... that it was partly inevitable, partly beyond any ONE's control... partly everybody's fault and not...

all you can do is take heart... that even friends for a season, as opposed to a lifetime, were your friends for a reason. There is a reason. A purpose. Something greater than even the friendship itself. Something greater than what was, what is, and what will be.

And that keeping your heart humble and your mind open is the key to surviving the loss... if there were losses... and to knowing which pieces need picking up.

In the meantime, I shall grieve what was... so I can look forward to what can be.


And in the great scheme of things, what is this pain and loss, compared to the devastation Frank brought to the lives and livelihood of so many Filipinos over the weekend?

Mind you, my friendships are the world to me. But still, I know me and my friends are luckier still than others.


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