1:58 PM Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My cousins are watching Wowowee and one of them said that she hates Willie Revillame. She also mentioned that Willie had Lara Quigaman (?) removed from the show because Lara was not receptive to his amorous indecent proposals... but used as reason Lara's BF always being about.

I am not verifying this anymore because Willie has never been known for his gentlemanly ways anyway.

Which brings me to Pokwang, who I absolutely adore. I prefer her over ai-Ai, who seems to be in some sort of mid-life crisis by trying to come across as a sex symbol (but all her Belo ads ever did is make me miss Morticia Addams). But I digress. I watch Wowowee sometimes for Pokwang, wondering what her outfit will be. And at least she knows she's co-host in Wowowee not because of her kangable possibility for Willie, but because she really has talent.

But I have to hand it to Willie, he's able to come across as godsend to Pinoys while others would attest to his being a pig.


I also watch Wowowee for the stories of the contestants... of course, some of it are contrived or exaggerated but it can be very illuminating as well.


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