Re-reading Harry Potter

11:55 PM Thursday, June 12, 2008

I know... for the nth time!

In a way, it's different re-reading the whole series again, knowing it's already finished, knowing already what happened. Because you get to appreciate just how vigilant JK Rowling was about squeezing hints and paying attention to details. That, or she has one heck of an editor.

And you really get the feeling that it's not only the characters who evolved in each book, JK did as well.

I am not so sure if she'll ever write anything that will surpass the Harry Potter mania. In my mind, she doesn't have to anyway. Not only are her kids and grandkids assured of a comfortable life just from the royalties alone, but she has already come down in history as the woman who got kids reading again.

Still, I would always be miffed that she killed off Fred. Hehe.


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