charmed weekend

12:27 AM Monday, July 21, 2008

Maybe because of my insecurities about being a Mom and ability to comfort my child, as well as frustration over my inability to manage my time, and thus struggling further with schoolwork... I decided to dig myself deeper into mess by taking time off the whole weekend and spending it watching Charmed.

I only got to finish Season 1 though. My gosh, it was around 20 episodes, 40 minutes each. And I realized that not only did I miss some 4-5 episodes, Prue and Phoebe actually used to wear clothes back then. Maybe it was in Season 2 that they started the skimpy war, and when Paige came into the scene, she was just as skin-baring.

And by golly, I love Prue. Maybe because i'm also the eldest and like being bossy. Paige never did give the same fire to the trio, so it was really a surprise too that they got to Season 8... when Prue was only around for three seasons.

I dared not start Season 2 lest I really don't meet my assignment deadlines. And if truth be told, I would actually be surprised if I finish all seasons because I am expecting I will lose interest around Season 4 or 5, just like when it was being aired before.

Meanwhile, I heard there's going to be a 90210 spinoff and that they're even bringing Brenda Walsh back. Yey.


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