Starbucks and Sungit

2:07 AM Monday, July 28, 2008

I am properly ashamed that instead of investing on better things, I have been spending on my favorite Starbucks cream chip drink (grande, with extra whipped cream, hold the chocolate syrup, and extra caramel drizzle) served in a venti cup so the whipped cream won't overflow, with a straw that has a sort of spoon at the end of it so I can scrape up the choco bits and caramel, if I wanted to.

Anyway, sometimes, to save... hubs would have the whipped cream on his drink just put in mine (and the chocolate syrup on mine put in his). That's still P15, you know.

And usually, baristas would find the order amusing, if initially confusing, but they're usually more intrigued. And it doesn't take them long to get it right. And they chat and engage while the orders are being made.

Now, we try for the first time to order the same at that Starbucks along Macapagal Ave (not the one at the Blue Wave Mall area). Not only did we have to repeat our order at least two times to three different baristas, not one smiled at us during the (their) confusion. And heaven help me, I got readily annoyed and expressed my frustration over their inability to get what we want. And the more I took a deep breath and employed the use of cups to more easily get the idea across, the more we weren't being misunderstood. What's more, nobody was even smiling at us, or apologizing for the slow uptake, or just chatting us up.

Not one of them even smiled at my son... who was pointing at the pastries over by the glass display case, which would have been cute for most people.

Hay nako talaga!

I admit to having low tolerance but I am actually far from war-freak. And I really don't think it's wrong of us to expect a more satisfying service from them in terms of interaction because their frappes average P150 per friggin' cup! It's not like you're buying Nescafe 3-in-1 from a sari-sari store no!


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