You Would Have Been Five Today

2:16 AM Monday, July 21, 2008

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. ~Thomas Campbell

I find myself unable to browse your pictures still... or mostly. But since I had to look for a picture for the layout I was making for you, I couldn't help but notice that your brother actually looked like you when you were younger. So I guess Ice will be super cute as well.

You know Andie, your former playmate here? She's already in Grade 1. Remember how she used to refer to you as her boyfriend? Anyway, now she refers to your cousin as that. I hope you don't mind. I guess she's really just missing you.

Please continue looking out for us from where you are... and do inspire your parents to be better parents for Ice. Oh, and I always tell those I encounter who've recently suffered a loss that you'd be welcoming their departed and making them feel at home in heaven. I trust you're doing a good job.

Sigh. I guess, in order to live in people's hearts, we indeed have to die first. But you were loved, darling Py, and thus will always be.

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