Hurrah for Manny Pacquiao!!!

12:18 AM Thursday, July 03, 2008

A tad late, I know.

I actually just watched the fight (pirated DVD sold that same afternoon of the match) this afternoon.

I hated that Manny is such GMA's puppy. And that his ego usually gets the better of him. And that he ran for office (good thing even his kababayans know the other one was really doing a great job). And that he released an album/single (?).

And I am not a big fan of boxing, I know.

But something still has to be said for him for having achieved much in a sport that is bloody at best. And he is really known for his training discipline (my gosh, four basketball games every day?!) so whatever he accomplished, you know he deserved it. So I guess you can actually excuse/forgive some of his failings (as he's only human after all). I mean come on, we elected a President to power when we know how many women he kept... so his love child with someone shouldn't be that unforgivable. And he earned the money he uses to gamble!

So hurrah Manny. God indeed seems to be on your side :) But do consider retiring early to save some of your brains.


I'm bad but am blogging because I don't want to do my assignments. Yikes.


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