Feeling Sexy Again

11:03 PM Sunday, July 13, 2008

I am currently around 125 lbs, depending on whether i've slept or how much i've eaten.

Anyway, last Friday, I went to my old office because it's the company's anniversary. I won't be ashamed to say that I dressed up nicely in my most flattering outfits and that I basked in the illusion (because they all said I was thin when am not) it created that made former colleagues compliment me (and some, green with envy). I even wore thongs again (ugh, it felt weird to be feeling breezy down there, lolz).

For a moment or two, I wanted to be back. See, I discovered that they've installed bidets in the comfort rooms. I know, that's so babaw. But I have a thing for bidets, see. And since I always wash even after peeing only, bidets would have been appreciated in those days when colleagues would see me carrying a huge TABO (because I didn't want to be bitin when I wash) and tease me about it.

And then there's the fact that we now have this huge ref in our department... which, had I still been working, would probably be filled with my snacks. We had to make do with a personal-sized ref for years and now, my former colleagues have this huge refrigeration space they're not maximizing. Sigh.

But apart from these things, I don't really miss the work I did there. I've done my bit with the bureacracy and really do not want to be part of the corruption of the higher-ups anymore.

But back to feeling sexy, I was utterly shameless in projecting and smiling at old faces. Hehe. And for a moment, it was really very nice to be all dolled up and having appreciative male attention cast my way again... from people other than hubs.

It made me feel my former kind of 'human'. So now i'm bent on making sure I buy new clothes (that fit) and avoid looking homely. But maybe I should make sure to go out weekly too, so that I would at least run a comb through my hair.


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