be still, my wander-lusting feet

1:47 AM Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I sometimes can't help it.

I get these promos from airlines and shipping lines for promo fares... and there's always that momentary feeling of bitterness over not being able to take advantage of them.


It's almost two years since my last plane ride (that was when we went to Palawan). And it's not that I haven't been anywhere this year (been to North mostly, with Bataan, Pampanga and Baguio), but somehow it still doesn't feel the same.


I guess I got so used to travelling yearly, even if only because of work, and got so used to having a change of scenery. Ever since last year, i've seen sceneries from the TV mostly (I think that was why, for a while, I was hooked on Discovery Travel and Living and Living Asia channels). I was feeling so deprived.

I still feel deprived. And it doesn't matter that I know I am not deprived, I still just feel it. But this is one of the downsides of a one-income family and becoming a Mom. There just isn't that much disposable income anymore, and not enough time.


I just hope I get that body scrub i've been longing for soon. Then again, since I haven't been working my a$$ off in my blogging sideline and studies, I shouldn't really be feeling sorry for myself for not having rewards. There is that matter of deserving, after all.



Wonder when this PMS funk will go away. Not only is my appetite monstrous, i'm just generally sad, whatever I do.



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