I've Always Been In Love With Her

1:33 AM Tuesday, August 19, 2008

... though lately, she's looking like a ghost.

But still, Madonna is 50 years old and all kinds of wonderful still. I love the fact that her music changed over the years and matured with her.

LIKE A VIRGIN is a classic! MATERIAL GIRL too! And heaven help me, I know all the lyrics of BORDERLINE. And when I was in college, I used to cry and emote myself to sleep to the whole BEDTIME STORIES album (because then, I was in love with a jerk and dedicated TAKE A BOW to that episode in my life).

But my all-time favorites will always be CRAZY FOR YOU... and THIS USED TO BE MY PLAYGROUND, which I find haunting and sad.

Oh and I can't help myself... whenever I hear BEAUTIFUL STRANGER, I think of my husband and how we met (thru an IRC chan!).

Anyway, Madonna... here's to more years for you! And here's to your contribution in music! :)


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