Hay, my Mom

12:16 AM Monday, August 11, 2008

Mother dear has just e-mailed, suggesting that my nephew's baptism and my son's birthday be celebrated together. Para isang handaan na lang daw!

It might seem like am such an utter b!tch but an eyebrow really rose upon the suggestion.

First of all, it's not like they're the ones spending for my son's party. And is she really so clueless of our family dynamics? They have never ceased to remind me that I am their most selfish child, after all, so would I really want my child's day to be shared with Pyro's brother's baptism (which is really a wonderful gift after all the pain)?

And if I bring up the matter of who pays for their guests, would that make me more selfish? My brother earns very little, and considering that his son will require well-baby visits aside from diaper money, can we really expect him to come up with the amount they'd have to pitch in for our catered event? Or would Mommy, who's complaining of the high cost of living in the US, foot their bill?

Or does she really expect she can talk my brother into having a family-only celebration? This is the child, after all, who feels he's not as valued as I am just because he wasn't as bright (and I really don't want to have to bring up the fact that he was given the same opportunities as I was, he only wanted his life more colorful and challenging).

Hay, my Mom!

I just e-mailed her back asking her to think what she suggested over before pushing for it. Because it's really one idea that I think is only welcome to her (and my Dad probably).


Actually, my Dad has been telling me that if we'd hold my son's party in Lipa instead, he'd shoulder the expenses. But having annoying relatives and half the barrio (as well as my cousins' drinking mates) for guests isn't exactly inviting. Plus, my Dad's idea of celebrations isn't the same with the general public. Plus, I had expected to be the first one to give a grandchild... which didn't happen. And I had expected my kids to grow up enjoying their grandparents... and that isn't happening. So i'll be damned if I will be deprived of throwing the kind of birthday party I want for my son.

If that makes me selfish and ungracious, so be it.


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