I Don't Have To Do Anything

10:19 PM Wednesday, August 27, 2008

... but i'm itching to at least text/talk to my SIL or my brother.

My leaves-much-to-be-desired brother has moved back in my parents' home with his family. And maybe because they don't have a maid/yaya now, or he got spoiled when they were living with his in-laws, but all he ever really does is camp on the sofa all day and night, watching TV and downloading mp3s.

He even went on leave just to watch the Olympic games (mostly the swimming events).

It's very irritating to see him stuck on the sofa calling his wife to fetch him water, juice, the remote, etc. I mean, the house is small... it wouldn't cost him five steps to get to the fridge.

Meanwhile, my SIL attends to their baby and juggles the laundry/other chores when the baby's sleeping. And if ever my nephew wakes up crying while his Mom is doing something, my awful brother would be heard calling her to attend to the baby... who's sleeping beside him.

One time, I couldn't help myself, I did tell my brother to hang their clothes to dry instead, so his wife can nurse/pacify their baby.

But really... my brother is just so shamelessly... macho.

And now it turns out, when my SIL doesn't respond asap, my brother has taken to verbal threats, as in, "Sampalin kita dyan eh" or something to that effect. Even in the presence of SIL's family.


Heaven knows i've prayed many times for my brother to become a better man. Heaven knows i've appealed to Pyro's spirit that he guide his Dad to be a better man. I've come short of literally asking God to strike my brother with a lightning bolt so many times...

Then again, i've warned my SIL. I've told her several times already that my brother isn't going to change especially since she lets him walk all over her... that she's just destined for a lot of misery with him. But she wanted him, love him, and enables him to be this way. No self-respect to her name, that one.

So what are we to do? The dynamic is between them, after all, so we really shouldn't concern ourselves with how they want to float their boat. But it's just so embarassing to be siblings with him, and my sister sees the way he treats our SIL, and our SIL sees how royally and lovingly my husband attends to me and our son, and my nephew is going to grow up watching his father treating his mother like his slave.

And for all my Dad's imperfections, he never treated my Mom like that.


I felt better after ranting early this morning. But anyway, I just wondered if, psychologically, something in our family dynamics made my brother and I resistant to applying ourselves.

And yes, it fills me with disgust to grant that I may just be the same as my brother...

Heaven help me, I just hope I will be a better parent, to happier, more productive kids...


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