the inertia of my life

2:27 PM Friday, August 08, 2008

This could be my resignation finally sinking in... or I have just really come upon a crux in my life. The challenges of being a Mom and going to school again seem not enough. I still feel like I am not doing anything, not fulfilling anything. I do not feel passionate and with a cause/purpose. I feel stuck. I don't feel productive. I can't think of an accomplishment. I don't feel any drive, to move forward, to make things happen.

I feel like nothing is happening in my life.

I am stuck.

Now, how do I rock my boat without seeming as if I don't appreciate the blessings that I do have? because for what it's worth, I am happy that I am happy.

Uhm... can anyone be too happy and content that she ceases to grow anymore?


addendum: of course, it might also be just PMS... ame way that am manic eating and cleaning. I just feel restless for reasons I think are hormonal... I doubt am preggy again anyway


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