In one of the conversations I shared with my sisters-in-law, I was amused to realize that at that one and only time we went to a spa together, back when I was actually thin, they noticed my boobs and thought that mine were big.

I was amused because I also noticed their boobs then and I remember thinking that theirs were big (even my younger SIL's, who was thin) which means my future daughters had a fighting chance of not being flat-chested.

Laughable to realize now that we've spent so many times together already, going about sans bras, that none of us really had big boobs. My thin SIL, though not flat chested, actually has less boobs than I did when I was as thin.

So yes, we women notice each other's boob sizes. I don't think our issues are greater than that of men when it comes to size, but yeah, we still check out other women's assets. And we naturally perceive other boobs as bigger when we see them while the womanis bent over, drying her hair or about to put on her undies. Hehe.


Superficially though, I really thank God that gravity notwithstanding, mine are still perky. I mean, I breastfeed, after all.


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