The Comfort Wipe

5:00 PM Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I know it's a cultural thing. In the same way that foreigners might be aghast at the idea that we Asians (or us Filipinos becuase I really don't know about other Asians) clean our a-holes and precious parts using our hands and a dipper of water, we Asians are horrified that they don't wash theirs and just use tissue to clean up. Either way, I guess we're still icky. But i'd still prefer to wash with my hands and then just wash my hands after.

Sorry, even if I alone may see it, brown stains on underwear are gross. And it invites bacteria, does it not?

Anyway, so imagine how amused I was to see this ad:

The only time I was really unable to stretch my arm to properly wash was when I was preggy. But how unreachable can an a-hole be? And how many times does one go to warrant starining one's back anyway? I mean, I go to the loo every two hours at least to pee and wash every time, and my back and arms don't have a problem with that!

The easy grip thingies are a better product, but they're only freebies when you get this one.


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