Facebook Weird Moment

11:02 AM Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Well okay, it's not exactly weird. But since I cannot think of a better term, weird is what am using.

I believe around 19 years ago, when I was in Grade 6, my friends and I caught a batchmate and a girl (from a batch higher) kissing in one of the empty corridors of our building. We did the upstanding (and probably geeky) thing to do, we reported it to a teacher. The next afternoon, the girl, with her gang, ganged up on me to threaten and intimidate me. Of course I was scared they'd like beat me up or something, but I wasn't cowed enough not to answer "Because what you were doing was wrong!" when asked why I reported them to the teacher. I believe comments like how envious I was that nobody's kissing me were thrown at me that time. But they let me get home without a scratch (and I was pretty popular with the teachers then, being President of the Junior Mentors Club) and I did't get flack from them anymore.

Four years after, I became chummy with their lookout... because she became my seatmate. She's also the girl's cousin.

And now, I see a Facebook friendship request from that girl. And it's not like am holding a grudge or anything, but she was one of the bullies of my time. I mean, they gang up on girls who had the same bag as they did (remember when plastic, transparent backpacks were in vogue?) and they also tormented the next girl their ex will hook up with.

It's just so strange to have such ugly memories of someone!


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