Fashion Pain

12:22 AM Sunday, June 07, 2009

My sister, after years of saying I had bad taste (read: a little too sexy) in clothes, has recently raided my wardrobe in a major way. It's like, everyday, she's wearing old gimmick outfits I used to wear to entice guys with.

It's really kinda painful to see favorite and seldom-worn tops (because they showed too much boobs) become her everyday wear as she goes to her review classes. The only upside is that she has to wear my clothes with some sort of bandeau because she doesn't have as resplendent a cleavage. But that's the only upside. I also have to swallow the fact that I will never be that size again (because even if I shrink down to 120 lbs, my body has already widened so old clothes don't fall as nicely as they once did).

Shame on me for not having enough vanity, at least, to keep my figure.

Shame on my sister, for eating her words.

Shame on our mother, for not giving me money so I can buy a new wardrobe. Hehe.


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