Goldilocks Disappoints

11:00 AM Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I was lucky enough to win one of the consolation prizes at the Nuffnang-Goldilocks "You're the 1" Blog Contest. The awarding happened last August 07 and the prize supposedly is P2,500 worth of Goldilocks gift certificates.

Well, I didn't get the GCs at the event because they either misplaced it at the event, or someone stole it, or they really left it at the office. The Goldilocks people told us they'd just coordinate with Nuffnang so they can send the GCs to us.

One of the Nuffnang folks was kind enough to give away calling cards where we can e-mail our contact details to. Of course, Goldilocks should have already taken our details then and there but since they just finished an event, I was gracious enough to let them breathe and wrap things up.

So I e-mailed my contact details to Nuffnang and told them the closest Goldilocks branches to where I live. August 13, I followed up with Nuffnang, confused why nobody from Goldilocks have contacted me yet. I was told that they have made follow ups already but it's really beyond their control because Goldilocks hasn't replied to them either. They said they will follow up again.

It's now August 18. I have already also e-mailed the Goldilocks' customer care but there's still no reply. I have expressed my disappointment as well at being the one doing the follow up (it's like am begging for my prize, something I fairly won naman).

I'm now torn between doing more follow ups or not. Since they chose my entry as winner for the consolation prize, I therefore feel that I am entitled to the prize. After all, in their eyes as in mine, I wrote a good blog entry. But I really don't like the feeling that am begging for something, even if am technically not. And it's such a hassle wondering who I should appeal to next.

Plus, it's not like I want or need the GCs ASAP (though my birthday is coming up). But a call from Goldilocks explaining the delay would really be appreciated.


edit: they finally called yesterday afternoon with an apology. said i'd get the GCs by Thursday. (aug. 19)

edit: they didn't call at all today (aug. 20) and no word till now (aug. 24)


  1. I agree, a call would have been enough. I didn't join the Goldilocks thing since I was never a fan and now that I am hearing this .. the more.

    I hope you hear from them soon.


  2. Awww, it's pretty disappointing nga to have to literally "beg" for what's supposed to be yours.

    Good luck, hope they'll come around soon and give you what you deserve!



  3. Tsk, tsk. After all the good things you wrote about Goldilocks. Hay, nakakalungkot na gan'yan pala sila.


  4. Ack! Hi there, I'm the Nuffnang employee who gave his contact details to you and I'm so sorry to hear about this. :(

    I feel your pain, and I'll do everything on my part to follow up for you. Don't follow up anymore, I'll handle it from our end. Thanks!

    Kel Fabie

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