Hopping Mad

11:34 AM Friday, August 21, 2009

I asked my sister to help me look for the Little House books and buy them for me... but I also asked her for her address so I can just buy them myself through Ebay.

I won the Ebay bid right? 17 books.

And I was bidding on Ebay while chatting with my sis. And talking to her. I was telling her about it. And I told her now they don't have to buy the books anymore (because i've bought them already) and that they need to wait for my books and find space for it in the door-to-door boxes they were preparing.

I told her that!

But today I woke up to see a text message from my sister telling me they bought me four Little House books! Grrr.

What a waste of resources. I just hope my sister takes the books they bought back and also get their money back! Grrr.


Am hopping mad because am not having a good week and every little thing sets me off.


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