Not My Month

2:28 AM Friday, August 28, 2009

I am unhappy.

And struggling with a cranky son.

And poor (post-Boracay and self-imposed poverty).

And I cannot sleep (maybe because am depressed).

And sh!t just hit the fan with my first ever Ebay transaction... the box was delivered sans books! Dang seller, Ebay, USPS and the month of August. I only wish I can get a refund.

And I think I hurt a little cousin's feelings.

Really not my month.


  1. U might need to talk to a psychologist if it's really bad. Mine helped me a lot to sort thru everything that was going on in my heAd.


  2. Oh, no! Your boxes came without your books? Tsk, tsk.

    Sorry to hear about that and about how you feel. August was most definitely not my month either. Hay.

    I hope the next months are better. :)


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