No Longer an Ebay Virgin

11:42 PM Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Technically, I have already transacted on Ebay when I bought a used Amelia Bedelia book for P50 a year or so ago. But that was cash on pick up and local.

But this week, I really made a purchase online. I had to make sure that the seller will ship to my sister instead (because two door to door boxes were being prepared for us by our Mom). 17 Little House Books for only $11.80 (including shipping!). I actually have the "By The Shores of Silver Lake" book, bought it for P70 in Booksale. But really, this is a steal! And I don't care about them being previously owned either.

I love stories about pilgrims and covered wagons and log cabins and prairie life. I grew up reading donated textbooks from the States from the libraries of Concordia and PCS and always, I have been mesmerized. I would always imagine time machines that would bring me to that time, and I used to fantasize what goodies I would bring with me (think instant noodles and corned beef). I pondered over how log cabins were built, and how they baked in their ovens, and making my own wax candles (you know, holding a string in your hand and dipping it in and out of hot wax till you get a candle, and then collecting all the wax again for future candles).

I wondered how covered wagons could contain everything a family owned.

I was actually a college grad when I took up the hobby of buying American textbooks from Booksale. It was a delightful surprise, realizing where I got to read all those stories I used to enjoy before. I think I have ten of them at least, some i've already given away to nieces. And it was there that I 'met' Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family.

So I really can't wait to finally read the series from start to finish. It would be a really great birthday gift to myself!


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