Bad Thoughts

4:25 PM Thursday, October 29, 2009

There was this man, a typical man, one who felt that just because he was earning well, he had a right to infidelity. That he's a jerk is no secret and this post isn't about him.

And there was this woman, married to an OFW who was impotent, and she wanted badly a child of her own, and was very much lonely all alone in the big house that her OFW husband leaves her behind in.

Maybe she fell in with the wrong crowd. Maybe she was really bad inside. Maybe it was quarter-life crisis. I don't know.

But she hooked up with the married man in the beginning of this post. This after knowing that her friend is the guy's mistress already. This despite knowing that the man's wife is bedridden with cancer.

Anyway, the cancer-ridden wife died. And the OFW husband left his stupid wife and found him a good woman to adopt a child with. And soon enough, rich jerk guy and ex-OFW wife lived together. They had a son.

Five years after, I find out that rich jerk guy has left ex-OFW wife and has a two-year old with someone else. And though it's really sad, how many women are ruining their children's lives by allowing themselves to get pregnant by this rich jerk guy, I also can't help but feel that ex-OFW wife deserved what she got. It certainly serves her right for getting it on with a married man.

Meanhwile, I simply cannot wait for what karma has in store for the rich jerk guy. Hopefully, karma will just punish him and spare his progeny.


  1. waaahhhhh!!!!! I SOOOO CAN RELATE! hahah violent reaction ako... I can say hmmmm... in this situation, I would be the bedridden wife with cancer LOL (without the cancer). Ugh. But I don't wish ill towards other people, even though they did this to me (and my son to boot!).

    I do pray that they see the damage they are doing to other people and to themselves.


    ayun. tapos na ko ma-affect :p

    Hazel aka Zizzy

  2. nyahahaha... naku, am not so good. But I believe very heavily in karmic retribution :D Kaya I just know bad things will happen to bad people!!! I just know, know it!!!


  3. LoL I believe in Karma din naman Mec. Just dont' "wish" it proactively LOL. Move away from them and the drama and get on with my life with my son. diba diba? :p sana d ako mamatay like the wife with cancer! But your story is soooo parallel to what happened to me :(

    Hazel aka Zizzy

  4. *hugs* sis... sabi sa Little House books, there is no great loss without some amount of gain...

    am sure the experience has made you a stronger person, and a better Mom to your son...


  5. Hay, grabe naman itong kuwentong ito. Nakakalungkot para sa mga biktima. 'Ika nga nila, walang manloloko kung walang magpapaloko. Tsk, tsk.


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