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5:20 PM Sunday, October 18, 2009

First of all, I still haven't finished Gossip Girl's last season so I haven't started on the current one.

And though am curious about Glee, I really cannot find time for more TV programs in my life.

I am however glad that Heroes has gotten real interesting again. I still love Hiro and Ando to pieces! And am still loving Grey's, even adjusting to George not being there anymore. I believe Burke is going back, which should prove interesting... and my favorite doctor there now is the lesbian pediatrician. Weirdly enough, I don't know her name, hehe.

Ever since hubby got me into NCIS, i've really been a fan. So am glad that it's still as great as ever... and that NCIS Los Angeles' episodes are getting better and better. Can't wait for more info on G. Callen.

And of course, CSI is still wonderful (though Katherine's face seems to be melting). They really did a great job in replacing Grissom's character with Laurence Fishburne. He is just amazing!!!

And it's not that I have a lot of time to watch these shows... I used to have the luxury of just sitting down in front of the tube but son is more demanding now and I really have to attend to him all my waking hours.

Oh and am so glad that The Amazing Race has challenging tasks again... it was getting ho-hum already before. It's just so bad though that Zev lost his passport because I liked him. Now am rooting for the gay brothers and the father and son teams :)


  1. The pediatrician's name is Arizona (the tv character's name, that is) :)


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