Last Friday, while riding a jeepney from Dapitan, a cop car caught our driver's attention from the side. They signalled for the driver to stop so the driver had no choice but to to stop and come to them. The supposed crime? Letting passengers board in the middle of the road.

The passengers who went on exclaimed that that they did not board the jeep in the middle of the road. Other passengers said the same. Anyway, the cops let go of the driver after getting the P40 he was holding in his hand (because he was in the process of giving change to passengers). I couldn't see the plate number of the cop car but I would have loved to report them. And I didn't get my P10 change anymore.


While at perpetual Help College in Manila, arranging for my sister's records to be sent to her in the U.S., tow things couldn't help but get me nitpicking about grammar again:

1) On an ID strap: It takes A LOT of BRAIN to be a nurse.

2) On glass windows at the Accounting Dept: If you have any COMPLAINS about your account, contact so and so.


I am stress eating over Pepeng. I had two breakfasts at Jollibee yesterday.


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