Shocked with the Devastation

6:10 AM Saturday, October 10, 2009

I have never underestimated the elements. It's one of the few things I have always respected. And during my short stint as a mountaineer, we were taught to really respect that its a power we may be able to prepare for but never control or conquer.

I have recently been more active in volunteering and helping with Ondoy victims. But I literally go cold all over when I contemplate the plight of the entire North, where waters were as high and landslides have already buried people because of Pepeng. What else can I give? How can I help them? How will help get to them?

Ondoy victims are far luckier than they because since they're from Mega Manila, help from the can afford can reach them more easily (not that it's a competition). But far flung areas like barrio schools which you can only probably reach by helicopter (given the landslides going to Baguio/Benguet) would have to wait for a while longer. And they'd be colder there. Ondoy destroyed more possessions here in Manila but Pepeng killed more up North, and compromised our food supply. The entire country's food supply.

I do not want to lose hope for our country. I want to believe that we will rebuild. Meanwhile, I hope to see the same rabid call for donations and volunteers to help flood victims up North.

And since other countries have been struck as badly, we really cannot depend that much on foreign aid. We have to help ourselves a lot if we're to see our country through this.


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