Prodigal Blogger Yet Again

6:09 AM Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Well, actually, am not.

It's just updating 4-5 blogs can be a b!tch. Plus, everybody has been preoccupied with Ondoy, its tragedy, the aftermath.

Anyway, I was traumatized by Ondoy. In a way, it's rather embarassing because it's not like we had flash floods here at home, or that we lost stuff to the typhoon. But still, something about living all your life somewhere and then having that house violated (natural disaster or not) that shocks you to the core. Now, every bit of rain makes my heart skip a beat.

My birthday last Saturday was rather uneventful. I was sleeping for most of the day! But the cake in the night proved very rewarding, and our family date the next day made up for the lack of celebration.

I was gifted with running shoes and I have yet to use it. Yikes.

And I may just have tipped beyond 150 lbs. already. Double yikes.

I've even started wearing hubby's clothes. Triple yikes.

But my birthday gifts to myself proved rewarding. I finally went out there and donated and volunteered again. IIt really cannot help but pick you up when you help less fortunate fellows... and I am grateful for the opportunity.

What's more, I have managed to reconnect with college friends. Hopefuly, I meet them and their brood soon.

I feel anchored again to something wonderful and it's great. And I don't mind being 32 already. I'm really very happy with my life and the love in it that I have. So God, I am grateful.


  1. Happy Birthday! *hug*


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