Blogger Event with Giselle Sanchez

11:24 AM Friday, February 05, 2010

Last Wednesday, I attended a blogger event at Fish & Co. with Giselle Sanchez as part of her promotion of Enduranz capsules.

It was really fun because Giselle was as crazy and comic as she is onscreen but wasn't acting like a diva. Topics that night ranged from their actual trying-to-conceive journey to her delivery story (she'd make jokes about her keps being sooo big that's why it only took Zappa over a minute to come out), to blogs and blogging. We also touched on movies and actors (I found out both Kuya Bodjie and Ate Sienna of Batibot fame smoke, hehe), anthroposophy, supposed organized orgies arranged in message boards, and the stigma of trying to conceive. Marcelle (from Nuffnang) even gave a demo of his mentalism (?) act by bending a fork.

We also talked about what we blog about, of living healthy, and mommy blogs as well as radio personalities.

Giselle Sanchez and her hubs, Emil Buencamino

I didn't mean to catch Giselle with swimming sperm in the background!

Marcelle doing his stuff

I got to take the fork home as souvenir 'coz I
was sitting beside Marcelle

Of course there were a lot of Enduranz stories as Benson shared with us some of the testimonials he's heard, and we also discussed the stigma of guys getting help about their swimmers and that kind of thing. Giselle was also upfront that, though they were paid by Enduranz, they really believe their second baby was an Enduranz baby and swear by the product. She even went on to say that it's become a sort of advocacy for them, getting other men to try Enduranz to boost their testosterone production. She also shared that she's even met a grandma who was taking it. She told the grandma that it's for men but the grandma said she's not stopping from taking it because she felt stronger ever since she took it.

All in all though, I really had fun at this event because it was just like a cozy meeting of intellectuals. Everybody was spontaneous and open... we even talked about their foundations and foundation plans as well as other ways to promote Enduranz (because a lot of people think it's like Viagra, or that it's a condom, hehe).


  1. wow, nice photos!

    Mike Catuira

  2. nice pics galing naman yun kakaiba tinidor

    Resly george Amador

  3. telekinesis


  4. I love your pic of Marcelle bending a fork with Johnny in the background in awe.

    BTW, I made a video of Giselle's stories. You can check it out here: :D

    Jonas Diego

  5. Aw was this only for married bloggers? I didn't get invited. Would have been fun to meet you. Or maybe, Nuffnang doesn't want to invite me anymore because I don't go anyway. haha.


  6. Vera... sister, nope, it wasn't Nuffnang-initiated and nor was it for married bloggers lang :) Ako lang ata at si Giselle married dun eh :D When I see similar invites, i'd tell you. I often miss a lot of blogger events din kasi I hear of them late or don't hear about them at all :D

    Others... to follow ang bloghop guys!!! But thanks for dropping by!!!


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