It's the Love Month!

7:50 PM Monday, February 01, 2010

Weird that a whole month is finished for 2010. I'm still recovering from the Holidays! Haha.

Anyway, it's the Love Month. I have the APO Hiking Society Farewell Valentine Concert to look forward to, several parties and reunions and who knows what else.

So... have you thought of old crushes lately? I was chatting with my high school best friend a week or so ago and I told her about going all kilig when my HS crush messaged me in Facebook. Basically, he just asked if he treated me right at the prom, haha. And eventhough I wouldn't tag him if I meet him right now (we both got fat but well, he's not tall!), he was still my crush! I was super crazy in high school so all the kilig feelings will always be there. Haha. My friend, on the other hand, said that her ex is already balding right now, and we're only in our early 30s. Haha. I have yet to tell her that I don't think that guy is balding exactly, but that he's always had this high forehead.

Isn't it crazy how the 'cool' guys you adored before turned out to be the ones without cars and with unhappy marriages right now? And that, unbelievably enough, paunch do not become them? And the really nice guys who you never thought of being with romantically, who was also too shy or whatever to tell you their feelings... they're looking good!

Fortunately, I wasn't so attracted to 'bad boy types' :D But I think i've had so many crushes, even I have lost track. Ahihi.

Anyway, have you wondered what happened to former puppy loves and childhood sweethearts? Have you wondered about what happened to phone pals (yes, had lots of those!) and all those guys (and in my case, girls) who told you they loved you, gave you chocolates and cards and flowers? Have you found them on Facebook already? Haha.


Meanwhile, my two computers and our internet are failing me but I have to greet my crazy sister who's all the way in Michigan right now. Mom couldn't cook pancit for her because it's so cold there so I decided to cook pancit bihon for her here instead. Love you Graxiah.


  1. Naku! Parang sa movies, 'di ba? 'Yung mga cool guys and girls in high school end up not so cool tapos the nerds become the cool guys and girls! Hehe:)


  2. Super cool page for your sis :) Happy birthday Graxiah! Hehe.

    OMG, I know what you mean! I recently saw a pic of my former super duper crush from grade school and.... ayoko na, no comment. LOL. Baka no comment din sya when he sees me. hehe :)


  3. Haha! grabe nga ang Facebook for bringing out old crushes from the woodworks. And yes, it kind of makes you wonder, what the heck was I thinking? :)


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