Missing the Sexy Me

12:51 AM Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's not that I'm complaining. Being described as a super mom is more than validation of how much I have grown up. So although being a mother is actually a struggle every day, I can't help but feel good about being perceived as a Mom :)

But still, I miss that sexy, naughty, sensual, fun descriptions attributed to me before. And I want to be called a HOT MOMMA instead of just a mom. Tsk.

Maybe I should start by posting more about nudity here, even if it's just news involving nudity. Hehe.

Then again, my relatives, hubs' relatives and friends have started reading my blogs. Am not quite keen on the idea of hubs' cousins reading about sexual fantasies and what-not. Haha. And am too lazy to make a separate and secret blog. That's too much work when am supposed to be living a congruent life.

Still, I am giving a talk on parent-child relationship next week. And now, I can give such a talk as an authority of sorts. Oh, why do Ieven bother resisting the Mom perception. Who knows, if I keep evolving right, I could be the next Mother Theresa... hahaha.


  1. Moms are very sexy beings... or we would have never become moms to begin with. lol!

    YOU ARE ONE HOT MOMMA! and even hotter because of the things that you are doing now... being there for Yakee 24/7 and advocating causes that will make life better for all children and their parents, that's VERY SEXY :)


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