Turning Gay

6:06 PM Saturday, February 27, 2010

You know how some girls are called BAKLA because they can follow swardspeak and are generally as boisterous as noisy gay guys?

Well, am not like that.

Never been like that.

The most I can be is as sexually-preoccupied as gay guys, I think. But i've had one or two gay friends growing up. Kuya Raul had the noisiest laugh at FAD and the last time I saw him was at my wedding. Jerry is a college friend (seeing as we started with only two boy classmates). I never ran around with them though, mainly because I never worked with any.

Fast forward to now. I met two at my FSL classes and I'm now hanging out with them with their friends and boyfriends. And this morning, I was telling Drith that I was going to go drink and he told me that I am turning gay. Haha. Needs improvement though. Maybe it was all the mistakes we were making at the class that turned out to be 'suggestive' signs.

It sucks though that half the time, I look like their Mom... and that they're better groomed and dressed :D


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