Reasons Why I Can't Sell Anything

11:51 PM Tuesday, February 02, 2010

1) I don't really like to. I have this weird issue about making people part with their money. It's not like am conning them actually but I just really feel weird about that.

2) I lack confidence. Even say, Avon products which are safe, cheap products, I don't think I can sell because I'm sort of scared my product will be questioned or doubted.

3) I get desperate. Even if I don't say the actual words, the manner of my approach, what I say and how I react... all seem to translate to begging and pleading. I once had this friend who sell jewelries and she'd really just show us the goods and not even give any sales talk. But we bought stuff from her, and these are jewelries! I can't even sell P10 raffle tickets!

4) I have bad timing. It's not that I approach someone when they've just suddenly heard of a death in the family, but still, I fail to approach when they are open to a sale.

5) I have bad approach. I don't go over the top, I don't act unconcerned, but still, I fail to approach people in a way they'd be open to hearing more of what I have to say, or investing in me.

6) I take disinterest or rejection personally. It makes me sad when it shouldn't.

I literally cannot sell anything... not raffle tickets or colognes. I had more success taking orders for my MIL for her baked goods before.

I also figuratively cannot sell anything... not ideas or points of view or possible opportunities. Usually, when I get my way, it's because I had the stronger personality or because I was already making faces or withdrawing... which isn't the same as getting people to invest in and support me.

I lack charm and diplomacy. Tsk.


  1. uuuy mec! I can totally relate to your post. :)


  2. same here sister, i learned that selling/sales is not my line of work early in life. i am a buyer :)

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  3. I feel the same way too five years ago but now I find myself enjoying the art of selling :)


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