8:36 AM Wednesday, October 13, 2004

All of a sudden, am all senti-hornal.

And I suddenly long to be bathed. Yes, bathed by someone. It makes me feel like a child pampered when someone else (of course, at this age, it's a guy, and not my Mom) shampoos my hair and rubs my body with vanilla-flavored body wash on a puff. Aside from the gloriously kinky sh!t that happens during (body rubbing, tit-tweaking, and i'd stop here lest i become more graphic) the bath, it just really makes me feel cared for...

And that's a once-in-a-blue-moon change. For usually too, I'm the one who finds myself shampooing the guy and making sure he's clean everywhere. Weirdly enough, I'm one of those who always offer to bathe a lover, taking delight in touching him with care that way.

Even weirder is, after a round of passionate, mind-boggling sex... I also find myself offering a massage. Maybe it's because I feel more and more alive after more and more orgasms that I need to channel my energies onto thoughtful ways... like kneading tired muscles to make sure he's less sore when we go home.

And then, there's the fact that I miss getting MEME... that light caress that really relaxes me, sometimes enough to make me fall asleep. And I just absolutely love the feel of meme on my back (i also can't explain why i don't get tickled, ok?)... especially on my butt!!!

That's a super treat for me and am almost always rendered sleepy and useless and blisfully happy when I get caressed on my butt.

Although, considering the wonderful behind I know I possess (by virtue of Nature's good humor), I usually wonder why it gets bitten more than it gets caressed...



Something came up... PRAY for me guys, a possibility of a dream realization is at hand... but i'm caught feeling unprepared, so pray for me!!!


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