things that make ME go "Mmmmm..."

1:05 PM Friday, October 22, 2004

> Cool water (as opposed to cold) down my throat when I’m sweaty from a walk, or climb, or the day is just too humid.
> Softdrinks or halo-halo during or immediately after a climb, the sugar rush does wonders to my exhausted body.
> Finally being able to sit down after walking around a mall or park or up a mountain
> Cakes… as in Becky’s Kitchen cakes (choco mousse or potato almond krunch) and Choco Heaven cake from Pancake House… or Red Ribbon and Figaro’s Choco Caramel Cake… or Red Ribbon’s Rocky Road cake… or Goldilocks’ Capuccino Mousse
> White Chocolate… sadly they don’t sell/make my real fave DOVE… and Cadbury Dream Eggs are only sold in Singapore (as far as I know) while White Maltesers are sold in HK
> Ice cream… as in Cappuccino or Coffee Crumble or that old Café Rico… or Mocca and Vanilla… or Banana Splits
> Really fresh tuna sashimi and fresher oysters seasoned with soy sauce and calamansi
> Dulcinea’s carbonara
> Hizon’s Prawns in Butter & Garlic Sauce
> Ma Mon Luk’s siopao (asado) and Mami (beef)
> Max’s Sinigang na Tyan ng Bangus
> Sinampalukang Manok at Sogo (though I don’t get to enjoy it anymore)
> Shrimps and crab in sweet chilli sauce at Seaside
> My nephew’s smell after taking a bath (I’m telling you guys, J&J’s Bedtime Bath and Lotion are the best!)
> A baby’s kiss on my cheeks
> Putting on lotion after a bath (J&J Bedtime Lotion, Alyssa Ashley in White Musk)
> Using vanilla or J&J Bedtime bath shower gels
> A long and luxurious hot bath
> The feel of the warm ocean on my toes
> New panties
> New sheets
> Staying/Keeping warm in bed on cold or rainy mornings
> Rain on my face
> A really good massage (please refer to Gloria)
> A cold shower on a hot day
> Meme (caresses) on my back especially my butt.
> The feel of ice on my nipples
> The feel of a hot body on my palm (have you guys noticed how that area just past your tummy and just above your groin gets really HOT sometimes when you’re really, really aroused?)
> A tongue down my spine
> Trailing my nips along the length of a man’s back


dang am horny...


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