my birthday wasn't perfect

8:46 AM Tuesday, October 05, 2004

... but it was filled with love, and that was all that mattered.

It was nice to celebrate it a little more quietly, though I have to admit it somehow made me feel that it wasn't my birthday at all (i even got surprised when i checked my cell at the stroke of midnight last saturday-sunday and found so many messages waiting to be read... and actually wondered if something was wrong).

Still, words cannot express the wonderful taste of Becky's Kitchen cakes (their choco mousse was sooo delicious!)... and there are no words for the emotions that make me pause everytime my brother or sister sings the happy birthday song, and my nephew would go clapping and laughing to the tune. Also, there are no words for the amazement in my parents' eyes when we were dining at Seaside (they were like, who knew you could buy really fresh seafood in Baclaran?) and hearing my Dad kid my Mom about taking her to a date there sometime soon (so she can enjoy her meal without Pyro trying to throw everything that's on the table, or attempting to hug the tables and chairs).

Of course, I mostly got white chocolates (i even got one from my sister's boyfriend). But JRA, in all his thoughtfulness and generosity, also gave me a portable X-Disk and the Beauty series by Anne Rice.

I know that am big on birthdays. I've always had an issue about people I love remembering it... and all other hoopla and sh!t about celebrating it, because really, shouldn't the world be thankful I was born? But the quiet one I opted for this year was just as beautiful. It's really just nice to be with the people who loves me most...


Tnx to all those who sent me birthday greetings. I hope the weekend went well for you guys too.


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