8:43 AM Friday, October 01, 2004

MALALA NA KAYA: Lipstick Adik

College found me and friend Allee 'eating' lip gloss all day. That was the most make-up we'd really wear. It was Jerry who would wear eyeliner and foundation and lipstick. Fel, however, would be this vampy witch wearing dark brown, dark violet (something that would actually remind you of coffins, i dunno why) and black lipstick (and she'd look really great too!).

Anyway, i'd consume lip gloss as if they're candy. Love the dewy, shiny look they give my lips.

Then of course, I had to work and had to really wear lipstick to upgrade my otherwise plain face into something more professional-looking. And with a colleague selling Avon products, it was easy to get cheap but great lipstick. Initially, I stuck to gloss and some soft pink shade. Then I started wearing browns. Then I started blending them together. Then I started having at least 3 shades in my purse which I blend together depending on my mood. Then I started wearng deep reds.

Then I started finding that I sometimes have 6 or 7 different lipsticks in my purse. I thought to myself, I should start taking control. I saw this ad of Maybelline's Watershine lipstick and bought one. Loved it. Stuck to it and this liquid lip liner. Then I discovered Watershine Diamonds in precious wine. REALLY LOVED IT.

I lost the last one I bought tho (after having used it for 3 days lang ata). And then I got poor. And so all I could afford was a Watershine one because it costs around a hundred peso less than the one with Diamonds. But of course, I'm not too happy about it. I use it with 4 other lipsticks to achieve an effect I like.

And then, I went with cousin, sister and JRA to the L'Oreal Bodega Sale at MC Home Builders (heard they're gonna be there till Sunday) last night. It was my first bodega sale, and twas a horrendous experience! Who knew it was soooo hard to be a girl? The lines were long, everyone was exhausted and frustrated, everyone was panic-buying, the few guys there were unhappy and kept stubbing the other women's toes and I wasn't able to get a Watershine Diamonds lipstick at all!

I did get 4 new lipsticks for myself tho. Bwahahahahaha!!! (weirdly enough, they're all glittery)

And i'm attending their November bodega sale better informed now! :D


People have been asking me what I want for my birthday, and I keep drawing a blank. The only material things I really want right now is a new phone capable of voice recording (and using the recorded stuff as msg alert) and a digital camcorder... things i doubt I can ask from anyone. Other than that, I really have nothing more to ask for myself. I'm treating my family on Sunday and that's it... :) I'm partying tom night with old friends, and am sure it will be swell (I can seek their support for something am kinda hopeful about).

Life is good, and yes, I need cash!


Meanwhile, allow me to thank the friendships that have sustained me:
AA, for all the belly laughs and perversions and company and great sex tales and drinking sessions

Jay, for always being sweet and ready to cheer me up

Fuzzy, for always accompanying me in gimiks, standing up for me, believing me over others, and his silence and acceptance when i just need to have someone beside me

my blog friends, most especially, Jet, for all the e-mails exchanged that kept me sane and rational whenever i was going insane and being irrational (and for being key to my reconciliation with JRA)

and my pex friend Ayma, for being KEY to my getting over someone and letting him go... and my other pex friends (MJ, Yin, Marge)

and my mountaineer friends, both from MMS and MTC-MYG

and the EGGs from MYG.. wonderful girls to hang out with

and my counselor friends from FAD... peeple who witnessed my transformation from child to adult

and my college friends, and my high school best friend...

Ain't life pointless without friends?


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