random thoughts from the weekend

8:36 AM Monday, October 11, 2004

Saturday was BYOB (Bring Your Own Boylet/Baon/Booze) night for my AA crowd and they, as usual, partied on whiskey, rhum (dalandan soda and rhum tastes great!), tequila, absolut vodka vanilla (?), gilbey's gin and vodka mudshakes (while I consumed a whole 1.5 liter of Sprite) while pigging out. They loved the Becky's Kitchen's chocolate mousse (it's almost like ice cream cake because it's sooo frothy creamy) that I brought. They also loved taking turns with the ORGASMATRON, and our host loved running after me to use it on me, loving the sounds I make (think, orgasm sounds when I was just really ticklish... yes, they sooo abuse me).

Not that I need thingamajigs like that to get tickled... I keep telling them, if they wanna hear the moans, i'd just moan... just to please stop violating me with their hands on my back, my hair, my ears, my neck, my ribs, my thighs...


They keep asking how I can have sex considering that fact... and i just think, well... wonders have never ceased.


I'm not sure with you guys but it feels like the world is silently but quickly being propelled to Christmas. It's like riding a fast and eager elevator... so I plan to start buying stuff for my nephews and nieces soon.

I pray, that the government's austerity measures do not affect our usual incentives!!!


Guys would often counter that they're not insensitive. They even argue that women are just overly sensitive.

But if we've already said we're watching something we like, when you called, isn't that clue enough that we're not really in a mood to talk?

And when we happen to find ourselves in a mode to finally tell you the meaning of a certain catch phrase that you've been hearing from us... and the story involves a great amount of love and hope and faith... and you start making making-fun noises, why do you get surprised when our feelings get hurt?


I allowed Pyro to eat rambutan which he repeatedly kept letting fall on the floor... kid had to go thru that rite of passage anyway.


Rio Diaz' death is all over the news, but am not complaining. She is just inspirational and brave in her faith that THE BEST IS YET TO COME for her, in death.

THE BEST IS YET TO COME... after reading a certain story from Chicken Soup for the Soul, i've never looked at death and loss any other way.


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