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11:14 AM Monday, April 11, 2005

Goodbye Dad, Mom and Rez...

It wasn't the tearful goodbye I thought it would be... but of course, I already miss them. And am sure, they already miss Pyro.

It took more than 25 years for my dad's petition to be approved... still, eventhough it will require lots for them to adjust there, am glad for this opportunity where my sis and well, her future family will benefit the most.

I know life in the US isn't easy... but I can't help but think of this as my parents' reward for all the years of honest labor and hard work and self-discipline and moral living.


I sort of inherited my Dad's cell and was tinkering with its calendar.

Feb 01 - my bunso's birthday
March 14 - happy birthday to me
June 25 - my only son's birthday
July 16 - my beloved wife's birthday
July 21 - my one and only apo's birthday
Oct 03 - my nene's birthday

Haay.... ansarap to know that am my Dad's one and only NENE, a term that reflects the happiness he must have felt that day I was born... the emotion that made him jump for joy...


Friday morning, Dad woke me up by caressing my hair. When I opened my eyes, he was handing me a BALISONG.

The knife is now guarding my piggy bank in my room.


I would like to thank God that my sister is taller than I am... which is why, when she was carrying Pyro and passed through that wall with that nail protruding from it... the nail only grazed Pyro's forehead... and didn't gouge his eye/s out.


Hello to the Duchess of Cornwall.

And enough with the comments on how ugly she is.

She's not ugly. She looks better than Queen Elizabeth and even Princess Anne. But yes, she isn't quite as pleasing to the eyes as the late Diana.

And hasn't it occurred to all her detractors... that God/Life even saw it fit to have Diana die at such a young age... just so Life can correct a wrong.

They have been in love for decades. It's time everybody supports that love.


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