... i was also not loving my body very well lately.

I haven't felt sexy for a long time.

I've been dressing down... not even taking time to really match outfits, accessorize, etc.

The last time I felt remotely sexy was after my high school reunion.

I know I took some naughty pics after this... but they turned out to be too uhm, graphic to be cropped.

Last weighing told me am now 124 lbs.


To think i'm not yet overweight exactly.

My libido has also suffered very much. My playfulness seems to have vanished. I'd even go out on a limb and say i've been prudish... but yeah, that would be lying.

Am just really too sensual and vocal to be called prudish. hehe.

Anyway... all sadness about the weight gain ended this week.

Must be because I managed to rise above my PMS.

And I finally got to eat a caramel cake from Hizon's (i wonder when i'd get to taste their brazo de mercedes... at P350, it's pricey... it also looks like it collapsed unfortunately... but it's almost double the size of red ribbon's brazo... and am sure it's twice as rich and creamy... hizon's pa!).

And because I really had a great vacation.

And because my camera isn't broken after all... (twas the stupid compact flash card lanag pala... still no pictures, but at least, no repairs needed)

And I started playing badminton again (am still sore actually)

And because i laughed a lot this week.

And because am wearing this tight pair of pants with a sexy and feminine blouse... and i look absolutely yummy.


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