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8:34 AM Monday, April 04, 2005

Mefeels that Manila Mayor Atienza's inability to sign my appointment papers so I can finally, fianlly get my hard-earned salary from my part-time stint as an Educ. professor is because he's more busy beautifying parks (which is good) and putting up confusing signs all over Manila...

such as this one

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I mean... on one part, the sign served its purpose in warning people that swimming in there could cause illnesses. But in connection to/to support the Ito'y nililinis shouldn't they have added something like bawal magkalat?

Basta, ako'y napa-huh!


This is the sweet that filled my childhood in Bacon. Pure sugarcane. Pure sweetness. Only, because it's hard candy, either you need an ice pick to get chunks of it... or you do it my way and just slide your knife on its surface... as if you're _____ (what's the correct word? sliver?) it.

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Again, people of the world, this is BAO or AMIS... it tastes somewhat like TIRA-TIRA, that dear old childhood candy, only better.


Hipag arrived from Korea last April 01. She was kinda jetlagged and too tired to sleep... so she just spent the wee hours of the morning watching over the child that she hasn't seen nor held for 6 months.

Pyro wakes up in the middle of the night... sees his mother's intent eyes on him and her white-complexioned face... and he suddenly whimpers...


In the morning, when most of the household were already about... he kept pulling my sister and saying Mumu. My sister couldn't understand what the complaint was all about so she allowed him to lead her... to his parents bedroom...

He kept knocking on the door and saying and gesturing wildly that Mumu was inside. :)

Now, he's warmed to his Mom... and calls her Mama Mumu instead.

And of course, my hipag arrived with lots of chocolates.

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None of them white.


For those who know how great the food is at Barbara's... and are into fine dining and music... and the sweet, polluted air of the Manila Bay...

Prestige Cruises offers a 2-hour cruise (actually, one and a half hour lang) around Manila Bay.

Offering 3 trips Tuesdays-Sundays (with Fri-Sun offering Folklorico cultural performers), cruise only costs P295 while food+cruise (4-course meal) costs P495. Children can avail of 15% discounts off the rates. Trips are 5:00 pm, 7:00 pm, 9:00 pm.

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Catering is by Barbara's, like I previosuly mentioned, because Prestige Cruises, Inc. 's CEO is the son of Barbara's owner.

Contact number is 832-8967, and the vessel docks at Baywalk, in front of Aristocrat.

And no, I don't get anything from promoting them... my company hired the Folklorico dancers though, which is how I heard of this one. (addendum: and the dancers really perform well, sulit the bayad I swear!)

And... the interior of their main dining area was beautiful. I didn't get great shots of it though...

By the way, there is also a show band alternating with the cultural performers. And I checked, there are lifevests.


Another ghost from childhood that I loved...

At Baywalk, you actually have to line up just to purchase uber-sweet cotton candy... i'd suggest you forego the milk where the cotton candy is dipped tho... the milk was too cheap to taste good with the candy.

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And a purchase of one (P25/ea) is good enough for 3 people. Trust me. Your tonsils would immediately react. *ouch* And a small bottle of mineral water at Baywalk costs another P25.


Not that I totally snubbed my hipag's chocolate offerings... but it pained me not to see any white chocolate amidst the many chocolates everytime I opened our fridge.

And so, I used everything my friendship with Fuz is worth and was able to get him to buy me my comfort food.

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I drool with the anticipation of enjoying them, cuddled in my bed and reading my books.

And yes, i'm spoiled.


And can I possible end this post without enticing you guys with more sweetness?

And no, I don't really intend for my readers to go overweight by just looking... but still... for those who miss it (haven't had it for a long time), and who has missed it (haven't ever tried)...

Allow me to interest you with Hizon's cakes.

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At your left is my super fave Caramel Cake... P60 per slice and toe-tingling in its perfection.

At your right is a slice of Brazo de mercedes... P65 per slice, fluffier than the usual Brazo... with leche-flan like custard.

They're not as SWEET as they look... but they are infinitely more delicious than they look, promise!!!


Yes, am beginning this week with happy thoughts... and a happier tummy.


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