1:44 PM Thursday, April 28, 2005

Some people sold cooked crabs here at work. My fave boss (the one of the child and riddles) and I looked at each other and immediately decided that we'd buy some and have them for lunch.

We actually have this gala tonight at Casa Blanca, Intramuros...

But we couldn't resist... so we bought 4 fat crabs for P200. Cheap, yes, and real fresh and ma-alige too. From Roxas :)

We ate for over an hour.



Went shopping for clothes and shoes last night. Mall closed without me buying anything I can wear... Bought two books though :)

But seriously, I really have to decide now whether I wanna balloon into a really big size, or to slim back down. Because this in-between size of sort is making it terribly hard for me to find clothes that fit me well..

Actually, I didn't like most designs I saw. Was originally looking for decent blouses, ended up trying on cocktail gowns.

Howell... there's still tomorrow I guess. Maybe i'd bring home some new rubber shoes when I go checking out new boots.


Pyro is getting sooo maarte and makulit. And just when we're really going to scold him na... he'd suddenly belt out one of the many songs he knows...

And of course, we end up smiling inspite of ourselves.

Bad baby, bad!!!


Looking forward to an eat-all-you can dinner with my blogkada tom...

Will there be sex kaya afterwards... hmmm...

(and no, not with my friends ok? ahehe)


Image hosted by Photobucket.comTook this pic last 10-16-2004... because I wanted to document my ever-ballooning butt (sigh... you should see my butt when I was real active in mountaineering).

I'm scared to even attempt the same with my present butt... demmet, can't fit in my slacks na nga and all.

It's just that my middle is soooo hourglass shaped in the sense that my waist can never keep up with my hips.

And to think i've been consistently cutting down on food intake (note: am not on the road to anorexia nervosa ok? i'll never be a water and crackers girl... i just meant, where before I will eat a Chowking lauriat meal, chicken noddles and asado siopao for dinner, now I don't anymore).

That's why I really need to engage in real strenuous activities. Aside from the rough-and-tumble that happens in motel rooms and office mezzanine stairs, that is.


Can anyone tell that this girl is so bored she could cry?

Hmmpf... anyway... pray I get this Kodak Moment mood soon and strike a certain pose. I have this blog entry idea that's so cute and pa-cute, I could cry!

And no, I don't really wanna cry. I'm just bored. Maybe because apart from meeting with friends, I have yet to enjoy the summer sun. I have yet to get my ass to the beach. I have yet to strut in skimpy outfits. I have yet to be sunkissed.

And now am starting to sound like a sun worshipper.

And no, my looks won't improve when I get a tan.

In fact, i'd look worse.

But what the heck... I miss the beach!


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