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3:13 PM Thursday, April 14, 2005


i was bewailing the fact that i saw liswik (this shell-type food related to suso, i think) at the market when my cousin agreed to cook some for me...

and true enough... she did so last night

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1) Keep washing the shells until you're pretty sure you've rid them of the muck and other sea whatever that clings to them.

2) On a pan, let freshly-squeezed gata simmer, boil while stirring constantly... until most of the liquid has dried up.

3) Pour in the shells (it cost P40 per kilo) and cook. You'd know they're cooked when their inhabitants are partly nakasilip. I forgot around how many minutes.

4) Add in some kang-kong and continue cooking until kangkong is ok to eat na.

5) With big safety pins (washed and sterilized with boiling water), make sundot the wonderful meat from the liswik shells.


(fine, i know i didn't sound like a cook... hahaha... i should have posted my cathedral windows recipe instead, huh?)



He is now at an age when he knows what he wants, and is ready to use whatever infantile means ever invented to get it.

Like weeping with matching tulo sipon and laway.

Then again, why should he be denied? He's such a wonderful kid, and really more behaved (objective) and intelligent (subjective) compared to other kids.

So, he now is the proud owner of a new trike.

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