boys will be boys

3:34 PM Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Before I head off to the land where I was born...

Let me just say that Pyro is kadiri... :D

Not only does he take delight in looking at our bras and tummies... and calls us sexy when he sees us walking around wrapped in bath towels... basta, such fascination with the human body (which I didn't notice in my nieces, but also observed in my otehr nephews)...

Anyway, how is he kadiri?

He was sitting on my sister's lap last night. He only had a sando on because we make sure his nether regions get 2-3 hours of break from diapers. He started playing again with his pututoy...

As his aunt was pulling his hand away from his pututoy, his pututoy twitched. He got shocked and inadvertently made it twitch/move again.

He laughed... and amused us all by his muscle control. As in he absolutely found it funny.

Well yeah, we found it funny too... but being girls, we also found it kadiri.


See you all when I get back... and with pictures this time. Though amazingly enough, I seem to have lost a set of batteries for my cam. Am actually getting pissed about it already but I can't find it, the maid can't find... arrgghhh.


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