luis, the lunatic

10:10 AM Monday, May 23, 2005

Luis is the youngest brother of JRA. I'm not sure how old he is exactly...or how young. He's around 12, I think.

Anyway... he's a genius. He can be cruel with his playmates (one time... he let a friend chase him into their home, only to put this anito statue right near the door so that his friend won't miss it, and would be frightened by it... and sure enough, went home crying because of it)... but he's still a genius.

Tired of having their Dad breathing down his neck to clean up his mess and toys... he, one day, gathered several playing cards and pieces of junk (matches, papers, ribbons, etc) and pasted them all on a cardboard... arranged so that they still appeared as if they're nakakalat sa floor.

He then proudly showed it to his Mom, and told her that he'd put it on the floor and "inis" his Dad by having him scold him again to clean up his mess... and just pick all the 'mess' in one pull.



I wish I had the know-how or the resources to save this video and share it with you, but I don't (ahehe...offers anyone? :P )

Anyway... Luis and her ate recorded a video of him.

He squeezed his body into this Chinese outfit and cap... powdered his face...

The video will start showing ate's legs as she was walking the length of their house... and then there will Luis be, crouched in one corner... who then will proceed to Toshio (crawl, like what he did a lot in Juon) himself towards his shrieking and screaming Ate... basta, Luis will be crawling and his face would be very white, his buck teeth showing...

And when at last he has cornered his sister... he'd say... "Gusto mo bumili, mainit na siopao?"


Pyro's Dad has made himself a 'crimina' today... my brother accidentally ran over a cat and killed it.


By the way... read about my favorite body part.

Kwento about the Bicol trip tomorrow.


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