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Tanawin Bay Resort is located in the Encenada Area, not even 10 minutes from the Muelle Pier at Puerto Galera.

True, the resort does offer tranquility and privacy. They don't have air-conditioned rooms but the hut-type rooms are real charming. Of course, it can be hot during the daytime.

The pool however isn't exactly made for those who can't swim because aside from this small strip just behind the bar, it's already around 5'8" feet deep to some 6 feet. Then again, this resort isn't for kids. Think honeymooners or people taking stock of where their lives have led them.

The restaurant ambience is also very rustic and cozy. The staff are nice. But the food isn't really great, plus it's a trifle expensive. The good thing though is it's so near the bayan or pier area, where restaurants abound, so you actually have options. You can also shop for snacks from there because Tanawin's resto doesn't offer them.

But yes, the view is exquisitely pristine.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

But the beach is disappointing. Not really dirty, but not really maintained as well. Plus, you have to trek down to it... for some 5 minutes or so... So WHITE BEACH is still a better bet at Galera if you really want to enjoy the sea.


Image hosted by Photobucket.comSomething i've always been scared of...

I don't know the English translation for TUKO... but this reptile has always so scared me, enough to generate fever during my childhood days when i'd be spending time in Lipa... and nights would find me listening to them (they said that if you hear up to 9 tuko calls... or whatever you call them... you can make a wish and that would come true)... but then there'd be nights when i'd be sleepless from watching their sticky bodies just hanging on the window jalousies (?).

Sometimes too... i'd freeze for a long time before I can gather up the courage to open a door where a tuko decided to hang out... not really wanting to, but really having to pee also.

I think this irrational fear was born because house lizards kept falling off my Lola's ceiling at around 6 PM (i think that's what gave rise to this legend where they say lizards always have to kiss the ground at that appointed time, as punishment for this girl turned into the very first lizard, who didn't go home in time, which resulted in her being unable to save her sick Mother from dying). Sometimes, they even fall on you.

Ooooohhh... I hate reptiles and amphibians. And something about the pinkish feet and the way lizards stick to walls just really creep me out.

And so, Saturday night I spent worrying if this particular tuko will fall on me while I was sleeping. Which is absurd because the term kapit-tuko was coined because of this particular lizard's ability to really attach itself to something... in this case, a beam.

Sniff... sniff... this is a hopeless rant about a pointless fear... but really, am still scared.


I just added a new picture link in my sidebar. It seems some bloggers are doing what they can to give the FILIPINA a better reputation, esply where google/search engines are concerned.

Yes indeed... inasmuch as am chagrined by the fact that many out there are exchanging families and degrees and a dignified life here for a life of caregiving/domestic helping abroad just to give their families a more comfortable life... I'd also like the world to know that when they key in the word "Filipina", they shouldn't just expect to see ads for/by mail-order brides and entertainers and maids... we owe it to the world to also show that Filipinas are also mothers, expats, sisters, and professionals. We also have personalities and preferences. We have an opinion, we take stands.

We are changing the world as the world changes us.

And together with other bloggers out there... I celebrate being a Filipina, a woman becoming.

And what better way to show that I am comfortable in my own skin...

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complete with big tummy and cellulite, i know :D (and i didn't have enough time to smile because i put the timer on 2-secs lang)


Starting the week right with butong pakwan... ahehe.


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