a miracle or two more, please

12:49 PM Tuesday, May 17, 2005


How do I go about this?

DAKKI was born last night. At 4.8 lbs., she is a premature and yet very beautiful baby.

However, there are more challenges for her to face. She was born with a hole where her belly button should have been... resulting to some part of her intestines to peek out (?) and grow bigger than what could be accommodated by her body.

Her mother is a friend, who happened to resign from her job before finding out she was pregnant. Ergo, she was unable to find another job.

Her mother is also unmarried. And because she was jobless and unmarried, she was rejected by San Juan de Dios last night...and had to deliver (normal) her baby in a hospital ill-equipped for special cases like Dakki.

She's now in PGH... and on her behalf, I would like to beg strangers for help.

First, there's the matter of money... we're now all rallying to raise money for her operation (which would cost over a hundred thousand)... and every little help would count...

Second, we really need connections/referrals so we can get discounts. The good doctor has already referred us to a pediatric surgeon in PGH... hopefully he's in the country. But there will be other doctors needed, I guess... anesthesiologists and the like. Maybe you can help. Maybe you know someone who can help...

Please just e-mail our other friends at jsp@bdo.com.ph and e_manzana2k@yahoo.com if you have anything that can help us. I'd be going away for several days so I cannot really attend to this.

We need more prayers for Dakki. As a friend put it, if possible, every hour... God isn't deaf... but maybe madadaan sya sa kulit :) And may her parents be strong.

We want to see Dakki grow up... but more than that, we want to see her feeding from her Mom soon.

Thank you guys.

(I at first didn't want to do this... fearing making a spectacle of what must be a truly terrifying experience for my friend... but I really want to help any way I can...)


Update: 6:30 PM

Due to the help of friends, Dakki's father was able to talk to the Deputy Director of PGH. God willing, they may start operating on Dakki around 7:00 PM tonight. Please readers, prayers please, please, please.


Update: May 18

At 7:00 AM today, Dakki was finished with her first of a series of operations. Half of her intestines are now inside her tummy. Here's hoping she'd respond to the treatments and be the little fighter that we know she is.

And God is good... many people are helping.

The internet community where her mother and I met, which facilitated the development of friendships and connections, is also facilitating the influx of aid for them. One even managed to convince their office to hold a fundraising party in Dakki's honor... Such kindness won't go unrepaid.

Met Dakki last night, even briefly touched her hair. Only a day old and yet, she's already touching so many lives.

And it would also be appropriate to note that her mother is such a good and giving person, that people don't even think twice anout helping her.

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