"in memory of two friends i lost"

4:08 PM Wednesday, May 04, 2005

how do you prevent hurting afriend
how do you tell the truth and spare pain
how do you defend this pain
how do you tell your friend
that you're getting hurt by him, by her
how do you tell them that it's
both okay and not,
at the same time
how do you go about loving a friend
and lying to him, to her
how can you trust again
after being betrayed
how can you nurture a friendship
that destroyed a part of you
and...how...do you deal with pain
until you understand?

Mec July 20, 1999
5:55 - 6:01 pm

Come with me as I revisit an old heartache


Selecta is selling these new flavors in heart-shaped canisters. I was delightedly suprised that the flavor mantecado macaroons tasted a lot like the Potato Almond Krunch cake at Becky's Kitchen (contact number: 525-1648).

Grab either the cake or the ice cream. Am sure you'd love them.


There is this new bar in Makati, not sure if it's along Leviste or at the corner of Leviste... near the Legazpi Village area.

Liquor is cheap! Cheaper than our regular haunt along Emerald Avenue, which is 90 Proof.

Check it out. Partake of the liempo.

Of course, sounds at 90 Proof is better... but this new bar will do.


I asked for one slice of cake.

JRA basically gave me 6 slices of 3 different flavors.

And there are two kids at home (Pyro and vacationing Duday)... plus a cousin who loves them too.

It was a push and a shove to the stark truth: I AM SELFISH.

I wanted to at least eat one slice per flavor... but of course, not in one sitting.

I almost cried.

In a way... i've always known that I was born selfish. And that i've only modified that personality trait by buying MORE so I can have something for myself and be able to also give some away.

But it was like being undressed in public and getting caught wearing really soiled, wrinkled, darned lola-panties.

I flushed with shame.

JRA thought twas funny... but I really felt bad.


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